Ultralight tarptent, HEKSA

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Ultralight tarptent, HEKSA
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? A spacious tarp tailored to specific hammock needs
? hexagonal shape
? made of ultra-light nylon
? 6 lashing points
? integrated suspension system with cable tensioners
? laser cut details
? dimensions 360 x 300 cm

In the set: tarp, transport cover, integrated suspension and adjustment system.
HEKSA is the nicest tarp you will see in the field. It is noticeably lighter, larger and easier to use than our previous tarpaulin models. A characteristic feature of HEKSY is its hexagonal shape - the ridge extended to 360 cm better protects the hammock from rain. The arched edges of the fabric allow for better tension, so that rainwater never accumulates on the tarpa in the form of "bowls" (cavities in the fabric formed under the weight of water).

HEKSY dimensions provide a spacious shelter during camping. You can easily cook under it, organize your equipment, sleep (even in several people) or simply hide from bad weather. 360 × 300 cm is a size tailored to the best protection of a hammock, which also offers a lot of possibilities.

6 lashing points allow you to hang the tarpaulin quickly and error-free. To further facilitate tarpa handling, we have used a system of built-in cable tensioners. The suspension system is simple, it can be operated with one hand and does not require knowledge of knots. Just pin the cord to the ground and stretch. The cable tension regulator automatically locks it from loosening.

To increase strength, all lashing points are made of laser cut Hypalon - a rubber-nylon laminate, used, among others, for the production of military equipment and mountain pontoons.

To make HEKSY, taped nylon in a microripstop weave was used. The fabric is fully waterproof, windproof and resistant to mechanical damage. The microripstop weave protects against tearing of the fabric in the event of piercing.

Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 360 x 300
weight [kg]: 0,48
materials: 100% nylon in a micro-stop weave
package [cm]: 22 x 10 x 10
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