Single hammock with spreader bars Alisio, ALR14

La Siesta
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Single hammock with spreader bars Alisio, ALR14
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?If you are looking for a hammock for the garden and you care not only about the pleasure that comes from its use, but also for a stylish look, the single hammock Alisio with spreader bar from La Siesta is made for you. A Colombian hammock made of quick-drying fabric, resistant to changing weather conditions, is perfect for outdoors, and you can also enjoy it at home.

Comfortable garden hammock
The Alisio hammock, thanks to the attached poles, has an extended lying surface, which looks elegant and allows you to enjoy the sun's rays at full scale. Stability is ensured by 52 lines that support the material of the hammock and guarantee perfect weight distribution. In the patterned Alisio hammocks, your back will be comfortably supported, thanks to which you will relieve your spine. High-quality poles made of bamboo wood are durable and resistant to changing weather conditions. In addition, they have been awarded the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ?) certificate, because the forest structure and biological wealth were not affected during their acquisition. Their aesthetic appearance and smooth surface are also their advantages.

Quick-drying hammock
Fiber in an outdoor hammock, made of polypropylene, is easy to care for and dries quickly. The material has been specially developed for outdoor use, which is why the products from the Alisio collection are perfect for outdoor use. The fabric finishes are double-sealed to avoid tears or other damage. It is worth adding that La Siesta hammocks come from Colombia, and their patterns and colors reflect South American culture. They are made by hand, which proves their uniqueness.

The perfect hammock for the garden, balcony, terrace or porch
The quick-drying Alisio hammock, thanks to its durable, weather-resistant material, is perfect for outdoors. You can hang it between trees, poles or buy a stand and place it in a chosen place. A gentle breeze and sun rays, combined with rocking, calm you down and allow you to calm down and relax. A hammock with a spreader bar is also perfect at home, so in the autumn and winter period, just move it inside to enjoy a moment of rest in your favorite hammock.

Alisio hammock
  • Single hammock with spreader bars.
  • Elegant appearance combined with a solid structure.
  • Resistant to changing weather conditions, thanks to the quick-drying fabric.
  • Handcrafted in Colombia.
  • Bamboo sticks with the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ?) certificate.
  • Perfect for outdoor use, but also at home.

The product does not contain mounting accessories. Must be purchased separately. Please visit: Mounting Accessories.

Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 210x140
total length [cm]: 350
length of the bar [cm]: 110
carrying capacity [kg]: 160
weight [kg]: 1.5
materials: 100% polypropylene | Spreader bar: bamboo (FSC? certified)
package [cm]: 21x14x116
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