Single deckchair with a pillow, Stripes_04

La Mania
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Single deckchair with a pillow, Stripes_04
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The summer season is synonymous with blissful lazing in the sun, so it is worth equipping yourself with stylish lounge furniture. A single deckchair with a pillow from the La Mania brand will be perfect for a terrace, balcony and in the garden by the pool. The Stripes collection with black and white stripes are products that will perfectly blend in with summer arrangements.

Garden deck chair for relaxation
Having a comfortable deckchair at your disposal, which calls us with its beautiful appearance, it is impossible to resist a moment of relaxation in the fresh air. La Mania products from the Stripes collection are elegant furniture and accessories, perfect for various interior styles and arrangements. The black and white striped deckchair is distinguished by its tasteful appearance and the highest quality. The three-stage seat adjustment allows you to adjust the depth of the deckchair to your needs. Additionally, each level is secured with a solid blockade. The functionality is also demonstrated by the ability to quickly fold and unfold the deckchair, so moving it to different places is not a problem. This single-person lounge furniture also comes with a comfortable cushion, which increases the feeling of comfort while relaxing in the garden.

Perfect materials for outdoor use
A solid fabric with white and black stripes is another advantage of this garden deckchair. The material is made of 100% polyester, which perfectly copes with changing weather conditions and UV radiation. The frame is made of high-quality beech wood with a constant degree of humidity to make the structure stable and durable. Moreover, thanks to the sanding, all the slats are smooth and pleasant to the touch. The combination of an extremely resistant to external factors seat material with durable beech wood in the color of light walnut constitutes a coherent and modern whole.

Hassle-free cleaning
To remove any dirt from the seat, just wipe it with a damp cloth and a little washing liquid. It is worth taking care of the appearance of your lounge furniture so that they will stay with us for longer.

The garden lounger has approvals and certificates allowing it for public use.

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Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 125 x 54 x 3.2
carrying capacity [kg]: 100
materials: 100% polyester / beech wood
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