Set: a double armchair with a wooden frame, SwingPod XL fotel + stojak

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Set: a double armchair with a wooden frame, SwingPod XL fotel + stojak
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Let the functional set for two from the Czillo brand appear in your home or garden and create a magical lounge area. A comfortable hanging armchair and a solid stand will ensure comfort and safety for you and your loved ones.

- a double armchair with an interesting design,
- a wooden stand for double armchairs,
- a soft, upholstered cushion.

Leisure for two with the SwingPod set
At the thought of long evenings, accompanied by relaxing music and a cup of hot tea in your hand, a blissful smile appears on your face? Add to this vision the company of a loved one and you already know what a perfect time for rest looks like. To feel the breath of spring, you can always take your Czillo SwingPod outside and soak up the energy from the sun's rays. A comfortable, huge pillow guarantees comfort, and a solid stand ensures safety. Gentle rocking in a hanging armchair soothes the senses, allows you to relax and calm down. By choosing a functional SwingPod set, you focus on high quality, aesthetic appearance, but also a sense of real comfort.

Outstanding quality materials
High-class products can be recognized by the good quality materials from which they are made. The Czillo brand cares about its customers, but also about the environment. The wood used in production has been awarded the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC?) certificate, which means that it is obtained while maintaining the viability of the forests and their biological wealth. The large cushions of the two-person hanging chair, which are sewn by hand, are also unique. All elements of the leisure set were made in Poland. Thanks to the excellent quality, the SwingPod set is an investment for years.

The Swing Pod double sofa set with a frame is intended for self-assembly. In the package you will find: a wooden structure, a cushion, assembly instructions, metal fittings and the necessary tools.

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armchair - 120 x 72 x 40 cm
stand - 172 x 59 x 24 cm
Shipping weight: 58 kg
Technical Specifications
stand height [cm]: 183
weight [kg]: 58
chair height [cm]: 120
chair width [cm]: 175
materials: spruce / polyester
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