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Regulations of general terms of sale

Terms and Conditions valid from December 25, 2014

1. The Terms and Conditions define the rules of retail sale of products offered by the store hammock.love available in the domain hammock.love, run by MOUTON interactive Krzysztof Baran with its seat in Siedlce, ul. Starowiejska 265, entered in the Central Registration and Information on Business Activity kept by a competent minister for economic affairs Taxpayer’s Identification No. NIP: 821-152-01-37; phone No. 600 055 695; email: contact@hammock.love.


  • Warehouse – the warehouse is located in Siedlce (08-110), ul. Starowiejska 265, where goods are completed and packed.
  • Store – the online shop hammock.love run by the Seller, the company MOUTON interactive Krzysztof Baran. The Store is available under the Internet domain https://hammock.love.
  • Consumer – a natural person performing a legal transaction not connected directly with his/her economic or professional activity, who under the principles defined in the present Terms and Conditions makes a purchase in the Store;
  • Agreement – the conclusion of an agreement of sale takes place upon the Store’s confirmation of a placed order.
  • Cart – a function of the online store hammock.love, allowing the Consumer to check products, choose a form of delivery and enter a number of a discount code. The cart also allows entering and modifying data of an order, as well as the Consumer’s address data.
  • Product page – a page in the online store whamaku.pl containing information on a given product.
  • Cookies – formally HTTP Cookie, abbreviated form cookie, sometimes called as a cookie file – a small piece of data sent by a website to a browser and sent back by the browser during next visits to the website. It is mainly used for maintaining sessions e.g. through generating and sending back a temporary ID upon logging in. However, it may be used in a wider context by remembering any data that can be coded as a sequence of characters. Thanks to that a user does not have to enter the same information each time when he/she visits this website or goes from one website to another.

2. The sale takes place via the Internet in a form of a distance agreement concluded between an ordering party – hereinafter referred to as the Consumer, and the Seller running the online store hammock.love.

3.  MOUTON interactive runs a retail e-sale via the Internet. Orders are accepted only online via the websites available in the domain hammock.love.

4. All products available in the online store whamaku.pl are brand-new, free from any material and legal defects and have been legally marketed in Poland. All prices quoted on whamaku.pl websites are gross prices (23% VAT inclusive). A VAT invoice is issued for each sold item and attached to a parcel containing the Consumer’ order. The seller delivers to the Customer an invoice or correction of the invoice in paper or electronic form.

5. Placing orders is possible through available versions of the following browsers: Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Chrome or Opera, Safari or mobile devices. Java Script and Cookies should be enabled.

6. The Seller allows access to the Terms and Conditions free of charge before a conclusion of an agreement of sale. The Terms and Conditions are available and downloadable at our website: https://hammock.love/regulations-s13.

7. Placing an order results in an obligation to pay for selected goods at a price specified in the order form. 

8. Orders may be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a whole year. Orders are completed on the territory of Poland and the European Union.

9. Placing an order shall be understood as a process of executing all 4 steps of placing an order and confirming it with the “order and pay” button. The following data are necessary for completion of an order: name and surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

10. The ordering party is obliged to complete the forms at each of 4 steps of placing an order by providing full and actual data.

11. An agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded upon obtaining an e-mail sent by the Seller to the Buyer containing a confirmation of receiving the order by the Seller and providing any essential order conditions. Upon obtaining the above-mentioned e-mail message an agreement of sale is concluded. 

12. The completion of the order starts upon the conclusion of the agreement of sale and accepting the order for processing. The lead time is 10 working days at the maximum. 

13. The Store may sell selected products at a discount and shall inform customers of the Store on detailed conditions of a special offer (additional information to a description of special offer products) before the start of the promotional sale.

14. The Consumer is entitled to amend the order or suspend the processing of the order by the time of shipment of the ordered goods. To amend or withdraw the order, write to sklep@whamaku.pl or call 600 055 695.

15. Any possible delivery costs are included in a VAT invoice. 

16. The Store charges a fee comprising a cost of shipment to the Consumer and in case of PayPal payment - 2% of the order value. The delivery costs are provided in the FEE TABLE in the tab Delivery and costs».

17. The store whamaku.pl supplies ordered products through a courier company. Each transaction is confirmed with a VAT invoice.
18. The following forms of payment are accepted:

• cash on delivery – payment in cash to a courier on receipt of the product;
• by wire transfer – a form of payment for customers preferring to log in on their bank account or visit their bank’
• online payment  - a form of electronic payment through PayU S.A.
PayPal – an international system of payment with the use of a credit card and direct transfers for holders of PayPal accounts. NOTE! PayPal transactions are charged with 2% of the transaction value.
• Payment card (Visa, Mastercard) – each payment card transaction is securely authorized by PayU.

19. In case of possible complaints contact the Store via e-mail: sklep@whamaku.pl, phone: 600 055 695 or mail: MOUTON interactive Krzysztof Baran, ul. Starowiejska 265, 08-110 Siedlce. You can also complete a complaint form available in the tab Complaints» and send it back to the e-mail or correspondence address. 
The Act on consumer rights of May 30, 2014 and the Civil Code regulate issues connected with the non-compliance of purchased goods with an agreement. The notification on the non-compliance of goods with an agreement shall contain name and surname of the ordering party, order No. or bill (invoice) No., description of the cause of the non-compliance and specification of a request in accordance with art. 560 of the Civil Code that is a price reduction, withdrawal from an agreement, interchange of the product for a product free from any defects or removal of a defect. The Seller shall reply to the Consumer’s request within 14 days at the latest. Non-compliant goods shall be sent back to MOUTON interactive Krzysztof Baran, ul. Starowiejska 265, 08-110 Siedlce.

20. In accordance with the Act on consumer rights of May 30, 2014, the Consumer who concluded a distance agreement shall be entitled to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days, without the necessity to specify the reason and without any costs except for costs connected with costs other than the cheapest usual cost of delivery and direct costs of returning the goods to the seller. In order to meet the withdrawal deadline it is sufficient to send a notification in writing before its expiration to the following e-mail address sklep@whamaku.pl or the correspondence address: MOUTON interactive Krzysztof Baran, ul. Starowiejska 265, 08-110 Siedlce, complete the contact form or complete the withdrawal form». Details connected with the right to withdraw from an agreement are available in the tab Return of goods – up to 14 days».
Returns shall be addressed to: MOUTON Interactive Krzysztof Baran, ul. Starowiejska 265, 08-110 Siedlce. The Store will reimburse the amount due for the returned goods (the price of goods + first shipment costs from the Seller to the Consumer) within 14 calendar days counted from a day of receipt by the Store of the Consumer’s notification on withdrawal from the agreement.
In case of withdrawal from the agreement, the Agreement is deemed non-concluded and the Consumer is exempt from any obligations.
The Consumer shall be held responsible for decrease of value of a product as a result of using it in a way beyond the necessary scope of use for stating the character, features and functioning of the product. 
In accordance with art. 38 of the Act on consumer rights of May 30, 2014, the User is not entitled to withdraw from an agreement in relation to the Agreement where the subject of provision is a product delivered in a sealed packaging, which – having been opened - cannot be returned due to health protection or hygiene aspects, if the packaging has been opened after delivery. 

21. Personal data set of the store whamaku.pl has been registered under the name MOUTON in GIODO. Personal information is collected only for the purpose of execution of agreements of sale and sending commercial information to Consumers in a form of a newsletter. The database of personal information provided by Consumers to the Store whamaku.pl in relation to purchase is administered by MOUTON interactive Krzysztof Baran. Personal information is collected for the purpose of forming, establishing the content, amending or terminating the legal relation between the Consumer and the Seller, as well as sending commercial information to Consumers in a form of a newsletter upon obtaining the Consumer’s consent.

22. Regulations of the Act on consumer rights of May 30, 2014 and the Civil Code shall be applicable in issues not regulated by the present Terms and Conditions.
Any disputes connected with services rendered by the Store shall be settled by common courts. The Consumer may apply the out-of-court manner of claims examination and pursuing in the Standing Arbitration Consumer Court at the Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection. Information on the way of access to the above-mentioned course and procedures of settling disputes are available at: https://uokik.gov.pl/consumer_protection3.php.
The consumer can also file a complaint via the ODR platform (online dispute resolution) available at the electronic address: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. European ODR platform is a single common access point for consumers and businesses, allowing out-of-court settlement of disputes concerning contractual obligations, arising from the website sales contract and / or contained web service contract.

23. The User may obtain access to the present Terms and Conditions any time via the reference on the home page of the Store (direct link: https://hammock.love/regulamin-s13), download and print it.

24. The Seller allows for amendments to the present Terms and Conditions due to important reasons, specifically:

• amendment to legal regulations concerning the consumer law and e-commerce,
• change of forms of payment,
• change of forms of delivery,
• change of legal form of business activity.

The uniform text of the Terms and Conditions as amended shall be published on the Store’s website with the indication of a date it came into force.
The amended Terms and Conditions will be communicated via e-mail to Customers, who concluded with the Store an online service agreement consisting in keeping an account. 

Date of publication of the present Terms and Conditions: 15.01.2016r.

Download the Terms and Conditions in PDF form»

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