Underquilt, OTUL Lite Underquilt

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Underquilt, OTUL Lite Underquilt
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Hammock liner (so-called underquilt) protects against wind, frost and moisture, allowing you to stay in a hammock even in winter.

? three-season (spring-summer-autumn) hammock lining
? protects against cold, wind and light rainfall
? CLIMASHIELD Apex - a water-repellent insulation layer with high fluffiness
? the so-called function topquilta, or quilt-sleeping bag
? easy adjustment and suspension system

In the set: lining, suspension system, cover.

When sleeping in a hammock, the traditional sleeping bag is highly compressed, which reduces the effectiveness of insulation from the bottom and sides. Even in summer, it may turn out that the night temperature is too low to sleep in the sleeping bag in the hammock. OTUL LITE liner creates a very effective layer of heated air around the hammock, the accommodation becomes calm and comfortable. Completely eliminates the need for traditional or self-inflating mats.

OTUL LITE is the lighter version of our famous winter OTUL. It has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 200 × 100 cm, weighs 450g, provides comfort from 7 ° C. It is the optimal solution for ensuring thermal comfort in the season from late spring to early autumn.

The effectiveness of OTUL lining consists of three elements:
  •         lightweight, durable and quick-drying outer fabric - polyamide in microripstop weave. Jackets and sleeping bags of Polish special units GROM and FORMOZA are sewn from exactly the same fabric
  •         excellent insulation layer - CLIMASHIELD Apex, the most effective synthetic insulation in the world, which is used, among others, by Arcteryx, The North Face or Tilak. Lightweight, springy, mechanically resistant, and most importantly hydrophobic - it doesn't absorb water!
  •         minimalist, universal design - OTUL is a very easy to use product. Easy to use, intuitive assembly and adjustment without unnecessary additions.

OTUL fits any hammock model. Installation and adjustment of the liner takes literally one and a half minutes - and the degree of insulation can be adjusted already lying in a hammock thanks to an easily accessible stopwatch. No need to lower the sleeping bag and hammock to adjust the lining.

Tunnels with welts at the top and bottom of the liner protect against cold air flowing in and form the so-called footbox / shoulderbox - three-dimensional space that wraps the arms and feet, places that are particularly exposed to cold. The multi-chamber design of the liner guarantees constant, always maximum "loft" or fluffiness of the insulation.

OTUL is not only a hammock lining, it can also act as a lightweight camping quilt. Using two COVERS (one as a liner, the other as a topquilt) will create an excellent "heat bubble" during a hammock overnight.
Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 200 x 100
carrying capacity [kg]: Not applicable
weight [kg]: 0,44
materials: 100% microripstop polyamide
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