One-person hanging armchair, SwingPod

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One-person hanging armchair, SwingPod
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Subtle rocking in a hanging chair is the best form of relaxation and silencing intrusive thoughts. A solid, single hammock chair from the Czillo brand will allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather outside and spend a pleasant time relaxing at home. Immerse yourself in the soft pillow and make your hanging chair move!

Convenience and interesting appearance
When choosing hammocks or hanging armchairs for our homes or gardens, we are guided by our sense of comfort and the appearance of the product. The SwingPod armchairs from the Czillo brand do not disappoint in both respects. The comfortable cushion with a removable cover is available in several colors so that you can choose a variant that suits your interior. The wooden structure of this garden hanging chair ensures stability, safety and at the same time an innovative design. Minimalism never goes out of fashion and can take various, interesting forms. Blissful moments of relaxation in the hanging chair from Czillo will become your favorite part of the day. A single armchair will primarily provide comfort and effective relaxation, and at the same time diversify any space - outside and inside the house.

Sustainable production methods
Nowadays, issues related to ecology and environmental protection are very important to us. The Czillo brand meets the preferences of contemporary consumers and guarantees the highest quality. The confirmation of this thesis is the awarding of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC?) certificate, therefore the harvesting of the wood used in the production does not adversely affect forests and biological wealth. SwingPods are made by hand from a durable material. They can be easily removed to refresh or change to a different color of the upholstery. All elements of the hanging armchair with a cushion are made in Poland. The leisure chair from Czillo is a combination of a solid structure with an extraordinary look.

You can assemble the SwingPod single armchair by yourself. In the package you will find: a wooden structure, a cushion, assembly instructions, metal fittings and the necessary tools.

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Packaging: 120 x 72 x 32 cm
Shipping weight: 19 kg
The product does not contain mounting accessories. Must be purchased separately. Please visit: Mounting Accessories.

Technical Specifications
total height [cm]: 120
width [cm]: 120
carrying capacity [kg]: 120
weight [kg]: 19
depth of the chair [cm]: 45
materials: spruce / polyester
package [cm]: 120 x 72 x 32
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