Hammock Super Ultra Light, SUL

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Hammock Super Ultra Light, SUL


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Super Ultra Light goes hand-in-hand with reliability and the highest level of comfort, which is why SUL is not just another light hammock - it is a material revolution.

? Ultra-light, full-size hammock - weighs only 175 g
? made of revolutionary fabric - ripstop microchips
? advanced suspension system with Dyneema cables included
? strength up to 150 kg
? for people up to 200 cm tall
Behind the phenomenal properties of SUL hammocks stands the MONOFIL fabric used for their production, i.e. microswitch with a reinforced ripstop weave. This fabric is very resistant to loads and has a much greater resistance to mechanical damage than standard super-light fabrics. The most important feature of MONOFIL, however, is the complete lack of coating, and thus unlimited breathability. The SUL hammock offers 100% breathability and ... partial transparency!
SUL is our nod to those who fight with every unnecessary gram of equipment. The most important assumption was to preserve all functional properties and convenience. The hammock's weight is not limited by reducing its dimensions - it is still a full-size (300 × 145 cm) hammock that can accommodate people up to 200 cm tall.
To further simplify the use of SUL, the standard includes an advanced, fully adjustable suspension system. This is a modified version of the SMUK suspension, in which the weight has been further reduced thanks to the use of a 2mm Dyneema super-strong cable. This rope, not much thicker than ordinary linen string, withstands over 660 kg of load!
The SMUK UL suspension is used for quick and convenient hanging of a hammock. The heart of the system are regulated stays, so-called whoopie slings - they can be shortened or lengthened freely, and the adjustment range is 60-300 cm - optimal for effective hammock suspension. Adjustment is done by selecting the excess rope from a specially prepared braid.
SUL is attached to trees with 20 mm wide tapes, which are wrapped around the trunk to form the so-called tree huggers - a reliable suspension point that does not damage the bark. At the ends of the straps, the loops are sewn in with a fourfold bolt, in which an anodized aluminum bar is inserted. Crossbars are the point of support for Dyneema cables, they are fast and extremely easy to use.
Thanks to easy assembly of straps on a tree and full adjustment of lashings, you can freely adjust the hammock after hanging it up, and not - as in the case of ordinary ropes or straps - before. No more hanging the hammock "by eye"!
With such a low weight, small volume after packing and ease of use, SUL can be our companion practically all the time - no matter if it will be a walk around the city, a short trip to the field or a trip of several weeks.

Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 300 x 145
total length [cm]: 300
carrying capacity [kg]: 150
weight [kg]: 300 g set / 175 g hammock alone
materials: 100% nylon micro mesh in ripstop weave
package [cm]: 17 x 7 x 7


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