Hammock, DRAKA

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Hammock, DRAKA
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The best solution for camping in a hammock.
The main feature of DRAKA is an integrated, removable mosquito net, opening on both sides with a non-blocking zipper. This simply reduces the weight when a mosquito net is not required. The other great feature is the symmetrical construction of the hammock and its longer length, which means that everyone up to 215 cm tall sleeps comfortably in it in any position.
DRAKA has everything we require from a dream field accommodation: a spacious bedroom, a complete suspension system, a shelf for handy items, low weight, above-average ergonomics and 100% Polish production.

The kit includes: mosquito net, suspension system, organizer, 2x storage bags.
DRAKA is a hammock with a built-in mosquito net, fastened with a special zipper. As the only hammock integrated on the market, DRAKA offers simultaneously:
? a mosquito net that can be unzipped on both sides of the hammock and fully detachable (the hammock can be used solo)
? non-blocking machines, the mosquito net can be opened with one quick movement of the hand
? increased strength
? comfortable silicone tips of double-sided zippers in light color, for easier finding with minimal light
? super high mesh density, holding back even the smallest flies
? bedroom length increased to 330 cm (for people up to 210 cm tall)
? symmetrical construction (possibility of sleeping in any direction and on any side)
? complete suspension system (straps, carabiners, Dyneema lashings, chord)
? equipment organizer
? an additional system of side stays, increasing the spaciousness of the bedroom and ease of use
? 250 kg strength
? total weight of the whole set below 780 grams

Draka is made of nylon in a ripstop weave with a military pedigree - resistant to damage, careless use, withstands several hundred kilograms of load, while very light and fully breathable.
The DRAKI mosquito net is fully removable. When it's unnecessary, it takes literally 30 seconds to disassemble it, and the included pouch will allow you to store it neatly and securely.
It is very important that the DRAKI mosquito net does not need additional stays or a separate suspension system to work properly. It is maintained in the correct position by its cut and design. The flexible mesh works with the user.
Complete with hammock it is a full SMUK system:
? 2x tree huggers to protect tree bark and provide a secure attachment point
? 2x ultra-light carabiners
? 2x manually braided "whoopie slings", made of Dyneema, stronger fibers than steel
? chord
DRAKA is equipped with additional accessories:
? organizer (5 pockets) for storing handy items. The organizer is dimensioned to accommodate even large kidney bags, a down jacket and a mass of accessories.
? three covers: one for the mosquito net, the other for the straps, the third for the entire hammock set. DRAKA is supplemented with 4 side stays tightened with two elastic bands. Lashings are used to increase the spaciousness of the hammock, which means better access to the sleeping bag, easier interior arrangement of the bedroom, or even the perception of objects left in it.

Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 330 x 150
total length [cm]: 330
carrying capacity [kg]: 250
weight [kg]: 0,780
materials: breathable ripstop nylon
package [cm]: 35 x 13 x 13
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