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How to choose a hammock

Contrary to appearances, this process is quite complex. Once you must first answer the question: where do I want to use a hammock? In the garden, at home, or here and here. If you already decide where you want to use the hammock, think about the material we want our dream hammock to be. It may be a classic mesh or material without holes :), which is more comfortable. The color of the hammock is also important! :) If you plan to rest with children in the garden, it is best to choose colored hammocks, pastel colors or, if possible, those with lush colors. If, however, we plan to go on a trip in which we have calculated the presence of extreme conditions (bivouacs, lodges in the forest), we should equip a dark hammock, it may be dark green or bronze. We also need to decide what material we are interested in. We have a choice of: organic cotton, cotton of lama, polyester, polypropylene, yarn, loom, nylon, parachute, Eutex by Amazonas and La Siesta Hamactex.

Assembly system

The hammock can be mounted in many ways and it's really hard to judge which one is the best. It all depends on where we want the to use hammock and who is to be its user ...

Mediterranean style
Mediterranean-style shelves are made of metal and plastic. They work great both in the garden and inside the house.

Barco Style
The Barco style frame is a solid wooden construction, perfect for the garden.

North American style
Like the Mediterranean-style shelves, these North American ones are made of metal. They are adequate for the garden.

Romano style
These shelves are also made of metal. They work great at home, but they can also be used in the garden.

YAYITA shelves are designed for toddlers. Made of high quality wood and organic cotton. Perfectly fit into the interior.

Maintenance methods
Maintenance of the hammocks depends primarily on where we use them and from which raw materials are made of stands. If we use a hammock in the garden we should especially care for it, because it is exposed to many external factors such as sun, rain, moisture, corrosion. We should stock up with substances that protect the raw material from which our hammock is made. Also remember to remove the canvas from the stand when you have finished using the hammock to prevent, for example, the sun from staining. If we use a hammock at home we do not have to be very involved in its maintenance. Simply wipe the stand with a dry cloth from time to time.

What causes comfort in the hammocks
- The size of the hammock determines its comfort. The larger the hammock, the easier it is to lay horizontally while keeping your back straight. Beginner hammock users are convinced to use hammocks with a spreader bars. Experienced hammock lovers love simple forms without unnecessary additions.

My neighbor lying in a hammock is having trouble looking at him while lying in it. What should he do, what he does wrong?
- Summing up your neighbor has a nice big hammock without spreader bars and rails. So considering its comfort and spine health it looks like it he needs professional help. The experts of the hammocks lie diagonally in the diagonal rather than along the straight line. In this way, the folded body opens the hammock, and automatically assumes the expected horizontal position. The material is stretched and should not cover the body.

What brings comfort in hammock chairs
- The bigger the spreader bars or stick in your hammock, you have the more room for you and your elbows. Some children and slim adults use 90 cm hammock chairs. Proper comfort they only give the hollow 100 cm and 120 cm stick to pure luxury. Such wide chairs provide the comfort of a couple or several children.

What will to think about before buying and installing a hammock or children's hammock chair?
- Children love to jump into hammocks or hammock chairs. The requirements for your purchases are quite clear. The simpler the hammock without the racks and bars, the better for your children. Pay attention to the robustness of the workmanship. Attach special attention to the fixing of the hammock. Hang it low enough from the floor to save your baby's tears during the next fall.

What is the ideal distance from the ground and the mounting distance for hammocks?
- As a rule of thumb the distance between attachments should be 80-90% of the length of the hammock. Hammock with spreader bars are usually mounted more rigidly - with a shorter distance from the fixing point.
Hammocks with a spreader bars are usually fixed 80-100 cm to the ground. Large classic South American hammocks should be mounted approximately 150 cm above the ground. In any case, the lowest point of the hammocks should not be less than 20-40 cm from the ground - it will make it easier to enter and exit the hammock and mitigate the effects of potential falls.

Where can I install my hammock?
- Anywhere, we should find or prepare two points to disassemble the hammock at the correct distance. Hammocks always hang on the rope.
Ideal places: room from wall to wall, attic with beams, dressing room, terrace, balcony, winter garden, camper, between trees, on stand
Often the position of the room forces the attachment of one end up (for example, one end attached to the wall, the other in the ceiling) - in this case adjust the distance with the ropes and remember that the ends of the hammock are on one level.

Where can I install my hammock chair?
- Wherever the space between the floor and the ceiling is at least 220-230 cm and we have a diameter of around 1 m.

What are handles used and what do you need to remember when installing them?
- Metal handles, springs are usually mounted between the ceiling and the hammock and add to the gentle and smooth movement of the hammock. Also extend the life of hammocks.
Please select handles according to the size of the hammocks.

How to enter the hammock?
- Entering hammocks requires a bit of experience. Sit in the hammock before you put lie down. If you remember it, the rest will be intuitive.

How to enter the hammock chair?
- All you have to do is make sure the seat material is located under you. Then forget about everything and enjoy the adventure in your chair.

Is it bad to wet the hammock?
- Hammocks and hammock chairs should be protected from excessive humidity and rain. If this happens by case, it is enough to dry them out.

Why my hammock stretches to one side?
- If you are accustomed to lie down on one side and always enter the hammock on one side, your hammock can stretch out one side. To avoid this, change the place of entry and position in the hammock.

Which hammocks are suitable for therapeutic use?
- Before buying a hammock for therapeutic purposes, make sure it is made of natural materials and does not have a stick and side reinforcement. Besides, the hammock should not be too small.
Many therapeutic exercises require the hammock to be mounted in one level so that it can be freely rotated. Our accessories can help.

What to remember before buying a hammock for a disabled person?
- Seat in the chair or hammock material should be woven along rather than mesh, thus avoiding the pressure and bedsores. Do not use a hammock with spreader bars. Use simple materials without ornamented lace trim.

When can your baby start using hammocks?
- The sooner the better. The baby feels in the hammock as in the womb. Positive effect: Hammocks help the child to develop a sense of balance. Children in the Caribbean do not fall out of their hammocks.
Sensitive European parents can use hammocks with additional seatbelts.

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