Enamel mug for children, Fun Bee

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Enamel mug for children, Fun Bee
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Funny cups made of animals will steal the hearts of not only the youngest, adults can also fall in love with these colorful dishes. The Emalco brand presents the Fun collection, in which the first fiddle is played by amazing animals with unique skills. Each of them takes up many challenges in everyday life, which is why they were chosen as the heroes of these wonderful mugs. Enjoy a delicious drink from a comfortable vessel!

A comfortable mug for children and adults
Colorful cups with an interesting shape are dishes that convince both children and adults. Tell the youngest about the animal on their dish - education combined with fun brings the best results. A beautiful bee mug will decorate any kitchen and will also be perfect for traveling. Enameled dishes are a guarantee of quality and durability, which is why they are the best choice for the youngest. A mug for children and adults is a great gift idea, colorful graphics depicting animals will steal the hearts of your loved ones, who value active rest and an interesting appearance of their drinking vessels.

What is enamel characterized by?
The Emalco brand cares about traditional production methods and high safety standards. Enamel is a material made by fusing powdered glass with a substrate and then fired with the addition of pigments. Coating the steel elements with enamel protects the base material against rust, gives the products an aesthetic appearance and guarantees the health and safety of enamelled cookware in the kitchen. The extraordinary durability of this material is the result of firing at high temperatures (around 850 ° C). Enamel is not only durable, but also suitable for use on any cooker (including induction) and dishwasher safe.

Enameled dishes can survive a lot, but they break like glass under high pressure, so they should not be thrown.

Capacity: 350 ml
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