Double hammock Flora, FLH16-19

La Siesta
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Double hammock Flora, FLH16-19
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The classic Flora double hammock from the La Siesta brand is an excellent choice for lovers of Colombian climates and South American style. Thanks to the large surface for lounging and the incredibly soft material, your time spent in your favorite hammock will become even more pleasant. Unique patterns and finishes will look great both in the garden and at home.

Eco-friendly material
The colorful Flora hammocks are handmade in Colombia, which is their added value. Cotton, which is used for the production of high-quality fabrics, comes from natural crops, where it avoids chemical fertilizers, pesticides and defoliants. In addition, these cotton hammocks are marked with the international Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate, so at all stages of production, care was taken for the environment and decent working conditions were ensured. The material made of 100% organic cotton is pleasant to the skin, easy to care for and maintains intense colors. Double-secured fabric finishes testify to the durability of the hammock, as well as are resistant to all kinds of damage.

Elaborate finishes
A characteristic feature of the Flora hammock are hand-braided braids that connect the fibers of the material with the lines supporting the hammock. These Colombian details add a unique charm and refer to the South American tradition. In addition to the aesthetic functions, they also testify to the high quality of the hammock and ensure a solid structure.

Comfortable hammock for couples
The lounging area, made of durable material, is supported by 108 lines so that you can feel confident and safe in your classic hammock. This design ensures perfect weight distribution and support for the back, so that it is possible to relieve the spine. The material perfectly adapts to the figure, which has a positive effect on both the body and soul. Thanks to the pleasant fabric and gentle movements of the hammock, it can be used in a therapeutic function. Time spent in a large hammock for two has a soothing effect on our body, calms us down, allows us to relax and rest as much as possible.

A hammock for every season
The Colombian Flora hammock can be successfully hung at home and in the garden. In the spring and summer time, it will be perfect for outdoors - on a balcony, terrace or veranda. Thanks to its original patterns, it will bring some warmth and joy to your home space during long autumn or winter evenings. The Flora hammock is universal - it will adapt to the customer's needs and preferences regarding the place to rest.

Easy to care for
An organic cotton hammock should be washed at 30 degrees on a delicate program. To keep the product in the best condition, it is worth not using a tumble dryer and drying it in the open air. Organic cotton is sensitive to moisture, so take the hammock off at night.

Flora hammock
  • Classic double hammock.
  • Handcrafted in Colombia from organic cotton.
  • Colombian, exquisitely crafted details.
  • It has the international Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificate.
  • Perfect for home and outdoor use.
  • Easy care.

The product does not contain mounting accessories. Must be purchased separately. Please visit: Mounting Accessories.

Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 230x160
total length [cm]: 350
carrying capacity [kg]: 160
weight [kg]: 1.8
materials: 100% cotton (organic, GOTS certified)
package [cm]: 21x27x26
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