Family hammock Bossanova H180, BSH18

La Siesta
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Family hammock Bossanova H180, BSH18
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If you dream of a boho-style hammock that will add a touch of finesse to your space, then the decorative Bossanova hammock from La Siesta will be perfect. Wonderful, hand-woven macramé adds charm and makes the hammock look very tasteful at home and outdoors. The soft material and the large lying surface provide incredible comfort and the highest quality.

Brazilian hammock with intricate details
Bossanova garden hammocks impress with their sophisticated appearance. Their uniqueness is added by the fact that they are hand-made in Brazil. Thanks to this, we can admire the intricate details that refer to the South American tradition of this country. Traditional macramé is woven with the greatest care, aesthetically pleasing and at the same time a key element in optimal weight distribution. The main decorative element are the fanciful "verandas" hanging on the sides, as Brazilians used to call these details. These types of ornaments are highly valued in South American culture, they testify to the quality and uniqueness of the hammock.

Pleasant, eco-friendly material
To ensure the best comfort while lying down in this classic hammock, organic cotton was chosen, which is friendly to our skin and the environment. The crops from which cotton comes from are organic, they do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or defoliants. Thanks to this, the material is 100% ecological, does not irritate the skin, is distinguished by delicacy, softness and easy care.

Relax in the family hammock
The king-size size guarantees a huge space for lounging, which you can use alone and with your loved ones. The hammock is supported by 104 lines, ensuring safety and perfect weight distribution. Reinforced material trims prevent tearing. In the classic Bossanova hammock you can relax, and the gentle movement will take you to the land of blissful relaxation. A well-rested body and soothed senses will have a positive effect on your body, adding vigor and energy.

A hammock for the garden or a hammock for the home?
Now you don't have to think about it, because the Brazilian Bossanova hammock is a universal product - it will be perfect outside and inside the house. Imagine the fabric blowing in the wind, the birds singing in the garden and the warm rays of the sun on your face, or gently rocking with your favorite book and a cup of hot coffee on cooler evenings. Both scenarios are at your fingertips with this versatile hammock. By purchasing a stand, you can easily move from home to the garden, to the balcony or terrace. The stylish Bossanova hammock will look phenomenal in all conditions.

Hassle-free care
To refresh your hammock, you can wash it at 30 degrees on a delicate program. Due to the airy material of the decorations, it is better to dry it in the fresh air and do not use a tumble dryer.

Bossanova hammock

  • Classic family hammock.
  • Handcrafted in Brazil from organic cotton.
  • Sophisticated South American decorations called "veranda" and beautiful macrame.
  • Great for both home and outdoor use.
  • Easy care.

The product does not contain mounting accessories. Must be purchased separately. Please visit: Mounting Accessories.

Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 260x180
total length [cm]: 400
carrying capacity [kg]: 200
weight [kg]: 2.5
materials: 100% cotton (organic)
package [cm]: 21x27x26


Stretch - elastic fibers Brazilian Embellishments: hanging tassels on the edge of the fabric Pure not recycled cotton
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