Black & White striped hammock chair, Stripes_02

La Mania
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Black & White striped hammock chair, Stripes_02
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Do you dream of a place to relax, thanks to which the holiday atmosphere will float in the air all year round? It's possible with a striped hammock chair from La Mania! The Stripes collection includes unique accessories and garden furniture, which with its characteristic striped pattern will steal the heart of every seeker of comfort and modern style.

Elegant hammock chair
Black and white are two contrasting colors that together create an elegant and universal whole. The hammock chair with wide stripes can be used outside, e.g. in the garden or on the terrace, as well as inside the house, adding character to any arrangement. Leisure furniture should be timeless and attract our attention, which is why subtle details in the form of fringes beautifully diversify the overall appearance of a hanging armchair. Add a pillow and blanket from the Stripes collection, close your eyes, make the seat gently move and enjoy a comfortable place to rest.

A hammock chair made of pleasant material
Fabrics that are delicate for our skin are valued and prove the high quality of the hanging chair. La Mania focuses on natural cotton, which is easy to care for and is distinguished by its softness. Pleasant material wraps our body, allowing us to relax and feel safe. The wooden bar is made of spruce, which is distinguished by high durability, and also stretches the fabric, providing even more space. Rocking in a comfortable hammock chair with fashionable black and white stripes will be your favorite form of spending free time.

Easy care
Due to the spruce bar, we recommend washing the chair by hand at a temperature of up to 40 degrees. Systematic and appropriate care will positively affect the condition of your Brazilian garden hammock.

Check out other products from the Stripes collection and create a dream corner to relax - of course in a striped pattern!
The product does not contain mounting accessories. Must be purchased separately. Please visit: Mounting Accessories.

Technical Specifications
dimensions of the material [cm]: 135 x 127
width [cm]: 135
length of the bar [cm]: 113
materials: cotton / spruce
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